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2023-11-16 Presentation: Make an E-bike (Bicycle electric hybrid conversion)

Make an E-bike: Presentation Slides

Discusses the safety, laws, and instructions to build an e-bike electric hybrid from a standard bicycle.

2023-06-28 Presentation: How to build a Router

How to build a Router: Presentation Slides

Explains to the steps to flash new firmware to existing router, or build one from a amd64 Intel/AMD computer.

2023-05-31 Presentation: Do It Yourself Network Digital Video Recorder

DIY DVR: Presentation Slides

This explains how to build a digital video record using open-source programs.
Infrared TV remote emulator channel changer, electronic programming guide, ATSC/Cable TV recording, FIFO deletion

2023-02-15 Presentation: Advanced 3D Printing

Advanced 3d printing: Presentation Slides

Knowledge on 3d printing techniques after 10 years of experience.

2022-12-22 3D Customizer

Generate custom 3d models for 3d printing using the 3D web app

An alternative to Makerbot Thingiverse Customizer

2022-05-05 Ask JBC Web App

Get your questions answered through the Ask JBC (Jesse B. Campbell) web app.

Suggested Topics: Web Development, 3D Printing, Java, Radio, Bicycles, Windows OS, Linux OS, Programming, Machining, 3D Modeling, etc.

This web app is inspired by Justin Frankel (creator of Winamp) with his website: Ask Justin Frankel

2021-06-13 Server Update

This server is now running on a fast AMD-based computer. The previous web server has been sold for parts.

2020-04-01 Labyrinth Maker

Make custom labyrinths using the My Labyrinth Lab web app.

3D Print them yourself or order them on my Etsy store.

2018-07-12 Video Tutorial

Arduboy Breadboard DIY Video

2018-02-17 Presentation

Assemble, Program, and Play: Mini Game System (Arduboy Clone)

2017-08-01 Channel

Created Youtube Channel: Grass Roots Science

2017-06-13 Presentation

Creating Arduino Libraries

2017-04-25 Tech Fulfillment LLC

Created LLC business

2017-03-05 Abstract Art Maker

Generate randomized abstract art

2017-02-28 Presentation

Software Defined Radio

2017-02-27 Bracelet Maker Web App

Design your own bracelet at Break it Bracelet

2017-02-27 Etsy Store Created

Started an Etsy store in January 2017: Fantastic Gadgets

2017-01-12 Links added

Links added.

2016-11-15 Resume updated & Projects added

Résumé updated. Projects added.

2016-04-09 Web Server Replaced

The web server hosting this site has been replaced with a i7 4770 @ 3.4 GHz with 8 GB RAM.

2015-02-11 Project Added! Arduino Library for JCM Bill Acceptors

Take $ bills for your Arduino Project. Make your own vending machine or arcade game.

2014-12-24 Project Added! OpenSCAD Customizer

Make your own Christmas ornament medallion!

2014-11-15 Project Added! Arduino Bill Acceptor

See Projects page for more details.

2014-11-03 Web Server Upgraded

This web server has been upgraded to a 128GB Mushkin SSD. Database performance for the weather graph is about 2x to 2.5x, cutting load times from about 5 seconds to about 2 seconds.

2014-10-27 New Website Design

New website design is now online. The old website design is available at:

Please contact me if you find any bugs.

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